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Judy Cirullo provides laser focused business coaching for owners and managers who want to begin making immediate progress for themselves and their practice.

Transforming Your Team’s Culture

  • Workshop designed to identify, explore and participate in learning practical applications in real life situations.
  • This is a 1-day interactive workshop designed for your entire staff.
  • If you want to learn what variables are the underlying root cause of impacted productivity, lack of engagement, lacking motivation or inability to truly function as a team this workshop must be a part of your strategic plan for growth

Identify, Hire, Retain Ideal Team Players

  • This “out of the box”, nontraditional 6 step system of adding Grade A players to your team.
  • This 2-day workshop takes your leadership team through the entire process from identifying to onboarding to retention.
  • All steps will be actively developed and customized to your practice during the workshop leaving you with a working system that you can begin to use immediately.

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Power of Vulnerability in Leadership


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Power of Vulnerability in Leadership

All successful leaders demonstrate “Vulnerability” as the foundation to developing and mastering their leadership skills. Learn how to apply 3 simple questions to establish trust in your team while using vulnerability among your team members.

Check your Inbox for the report. Thanks!