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What is the

PT Team Success Formula?

It’s About Converting Management and Staffing Challenges Into Opportunities and Helping You Find Peace of Mind


  • Do you feel that your goals and values are at times different than your staff?
  • You feel push back on certain office policies and procedures?
  • Do you feel like just when things are going smoothly something else happens that you must fix?
  • You feel like you must continually keep motivating staff to stay engaged?
  • Are you ready to get out of the weeds and off the merry go round?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to find out what to do!


We will start from where you are, what is driving you crazy and what issues are creating obstacles. You will begin identifying what is getting in the way of your goals personally and professionally. This helps to determine the root cause of your frustrations and can include yourself, your team and your business.

During this phase I:

  • Provide individual coaching sessions via phone or zoom
  • Help Explore staff and team growth barriers
  • Help identify patterns that feeds team dysfunction, lack of engagement and impaired motivation.
  • Help establish clarity around core values and clinic vision
  • Provide step-by-step support while identifying areas of priorities for the CREATION

Sample Topics Reviewed:

  • Your personal professional core values and vision
  • Staffing: identifying, hiring, retaining ideal team players
  • Marketing strategies in changing healthcare environment
  • Communication: in person, phone, email, social media
  • Impact of generational gaps on staff culture and collaboration

DON’T WAIT-discover what the root cause of your frustration is and how to identify the best solutions.

Are you ready to start getting “out of the weeds” and start moving forward to the next level of success?

“I have a gift for really being able to see how things fit together in your business – where issues and challenges show up. It’s important to not be sucked into one area – taking time and energy away, thinking everything is wrong – when you have many things that are going well.”


My “out-of-the-box “industry-leading TEAM SUCCESS FORMULA takes the traditional model of managing staff and turns it upside down to get to the root cause of the frustration with effective impactful solutions.

In this phase, we begin to create your SUCCESS FORMULA using information uncovered in the ASSESSMENT PHASE

  • Create a customized blueprint with specific, measurable, attainable, realistic targets for each area the owner identifies as a priority area.
  • Simple action items that are implemented in a timeline that promote success
  • Can include team coaching/training
  • A major emphasis in this area is on working with the owner on helping them develop and become a Masterful Leader.
  • Develops the business owner’s ability to convert from a managing mindset to a Leadership Mindset demonstrating clarity, confidence, and conviction

Topics include, but not limited to:

  • Implementing the “out-of-the-box” toolkit for hiring, retaining your Ideal team Players
  • Creating a non-traditional tool “Job Scorecard” emphasizing accountability, responsibility, metric tracking, and behavior competencies
  • Marketing strategies that are simple, strategic and consistent with your brand
  • Core Leadership Dynamics Program
  • Core Performance Dynamics Program

Additionally, you’ll be learning how to “get out of the weeds” by shedding daily duties and finding ways to build and grow a sustainable practice.

DON’T WAIT-start getting your results now with industry-leading TEAM SUCCESS FORMULA

Are you ready to start getting “out of the weeds” and start moving forward to the next level of success?

“I help you identify root cause, create a customized plan, and implement for sustainable growth. Together we create a health plan for your business.”


This is the phase where implementation is occurring and is ongoing piece by piece while weaving all of the components of the 4 pillars together: your staff and team development, refining/developing your infrastructure and systems, your ongoing self-mastery and growth as a leader and any future planning both short and long-term.

In this phase, your LEADERSHIP takes on a whole new meaning for the owner, the team and the business. This is what allows you to have a team that drives your practice forward and faster with less time and energy.

A SUCCESS FORMULA that works for owners and their teams but does take time to develop so that it becomes sustainable and successful. The impact…

  • Your challenges are now converted into opportunities for both you, your team and your business
  • A structure creates solidly sustainable expectations that support accountability and team cohesiveness
  • Development of future leaders in your business by strengthening them while you begin to delegate allowing you to free yourself from “the weeds” and focus on making the vision a reality.

Finally, you begin to see what can really happen is you become aware of and act on a plan that you created. A plan that begins with you as a business owner and taking on a mindset is followed by actions that will ultimately impact you, your team and your business like you’ve never seen before.

DON’T WAIT-Do you want a high performing team where each staff member is motivated, fully engaged and functioning to their highest capacity?  

Are you ready to start getting “out of the weeds” and start moving forward to the next level of success?

“As a leader what are you doing to grow yourself? In other words, are you goal-oriented or growth-oriented? Success is a daily process, it isn’t merely a destination. Thus, you must be willing to invest in your own growth as well as growth and development of those on your team”

Judy Cirullo

Seasoned PT Business Owner

Judy Cirullo PT, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP
Phone:      480-630-8252

4 Time PT Practice Founder and Owner
Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
CORE Leadership Dynamics Specialist (CLDS)
CORE Performance Dynamics Specialist (CPDS)




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Power of Vulnerability in Leadership

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