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What is the Purpose of a Complementary Strategy Session?

To gain clarity on what you need or want to do to move yourself forward with your business. In addition, helping with any resources that help you make an educated decision about what you need and if we are a good fit for each other.

What Type of Topics do you Cover While Coaching with your Clients?

My specialty and are of expertise is business coaching for practice owners and their team. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Processes and systems that stimulate and support a strong infrastructure to create stability and growth.
  • Identify, recruit, hire and retain “ideal team players”
  • Partnering with owner to develop and master leadership skills from communication to working on the business to succession planning.
  • Succession planning can range from learning how to delegate more, shift to silent owner or prepare for selling.

What is the Difference Between Coaching and Consulting?

  • Coaching is a partnership between me and you and/or your team thus produces meaningful and lasting changes over the short and long term.
  • Consulting is a prepared plan given to the client, it tends to lack customization, developing trust and ongoing relationships. Consultants usually create a plan was solutions for you.
  • Coaching offers a long-term solution to equip you and your staff to remove barriers and become peak performers in all that they do.
  • Consulting occurs when a plan is developed for the business with instructions on how to implement. Consulting generally produces short-term answers to a specific problem.

How will I know how many coaching sessions I need?

Most of my clients choose to work with me for an average of 6 to 12 months while transforming not only their businesses themselves but their team. Lasting and sustainable results take time to become permanent. But the length of time depends on the client vision and goals.

How is the coaching done, phone, virtual, etc?

Most of my individual coaching is done over the phone and or virtual meetings. When working with teams for facilitation and group coaching, I generally meet in person on site with the client but also run group coaching via Zoom meeting space.

What if I need help between scheduled sessions?

I support between sessions if needed. My clients usually email, but if there is an urgent need a call can be arranged.

What results can I expect?

The results depend on not only our working relationship but the effort, time you devote to your intention and your success plan. One of the best things about having a coach is the “accountability and clarity of direction strategy and purpose” afforded

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Power of Vulnerability in Leadership


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Power of Vulnerability in Leadership

All successful leaders demonstrate “Vulnerability” as the foundation to developing and mastering their leadership skills. Learn how to apply 3 simple questions to establish trust in your team while using vulnerability among your team members.

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