In the past few weeks I have been hearing from a variety of PT practice owners about “the Why” of opening their own practice. There are several themes: autonomy, price, purpose, passion.

After all we became healthcare providers to help others in the way we deem “important, valuable, effective” We are focused on doing our own thing, our own way, we are driven to be successful and happy. WE develop mission statements, vision, core values, goals, strategies in hopes of creating the foundation for our success. A culture evolves based on these pillows of your foundation.

But wait… you begin to hit road blocks with growth, scaling up, recruiting, hiring, motivating, …. Things aren’t as smooth as they should be…. So you think!

Why? You’ve all heard about mindset and leadership but how do these go together? Mindset matters: it impacts culture, outcomes, results. Are you positive or negative? Afraid of taking risks? Find yourself multitasking daily? Responding quickly when one of your staff members asks you a question? Afraid to delegate?

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