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I focus on 4 Pillars of your PT Practice:

You can't expect a smooth running machine without the 4 Pillars that are part of your Success Formula...

STAFF / TEAM Hiring and retaining the ideal team player is one of the biggest challenges business owners are faced with. Learn how to implement a 6 step “out of the box” nontraditional system that ensures that you identify hire and retain the ideal Grade A team player.


INFRASTRUCTURE: PROCESSES / SYSTEMS: Does your infrastructure support your practice vision while removing barriers for your staff to become successful? Simplifying work systems and processes will help develop trust and commitment toward strategic goals needed for business success.


OWNER/LEADER:  As the owner, you are also a leader. Mastering your leadership skills empowers your staff and enhances results which allow you to remove yourself from the weeds. Your efforts shift to working on the business while your business and staff emerge as engaged productive team members.




PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE: Do you want to become a silent owner? Or would you like to create a succession plan that includes selling your practice in the future? Regardless of your choice the preparation and process to lay the groundwork for a successful transition requires strategic planning to reach the outcome you desire.


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CORE Leadership Dynamics Specialist (CLDS)
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Power of Vulnerability in Leadership


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Power of Vulnerability in Leadership

All successful leaders demonstrate “Vulnerability” as the foundation to developing and mastering their leadership skills. Learn how to apply 3 simple questions to establish trust in your team while using vulnerability among your team members.

Check your Inbox for the report. Thanks!